Saturday, April 30, 2011

clouds 1

this is about my 3rd or 4th time painting in photoshop, thought i would try to paint some clouds (pretty hard to paint in general), maybe ill put a fighter plane in it later, just some practice to get better at digital painting

'till death

So am I the only one that got up at 6am to watch the royal wedding?
I'm not gay.

Nyan cat

My first post!  I'm Alex :)  I probably won't be able to post daily, I'm too busy with work - I'll still be trying to sketch every day in my sketchbook, but I'm usually too tired to scan and post stuff every day :P

Anyhoo, this is nyan cat - I'm sure you all know it by now - I'm going to keep working on this, I might vector it and put it on a t-shirt at Zero Edge :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

king os spades

second post today ^_^ makes up for earlier this week yay,

Octopus ver 2

Took me a hell of a time to get the person to look right. Not to mention making suckers look realistic. Painting things underwater is to say the least, tough. Any suggestions?


Not going to be around this weekend. I'll have to make up for it come Monday.

This is another drawing for a friend of mine. Wish I had more time to draw something specifically for this but I've been all over the place today. Busy busy busy...

Have a great weekend guys! Can't wait to see what you posted come Monday!

queen of hearts

as i play with this program, im finding harder to control what i am doing, well all in good fun with a new tool, i thought it would be interesting if i could try to complete a card set, one day maybe XD


Thanks for the invite Wes 8D

Just a quickie to kinda "affirm" myself here. Thanks again for the invite, West. I made a fancy pen in Photoshop that I'm finally happy with!! Made this... I couldn't make her happy, nor could I get away from her "thinking" unhappily... so I added that "touch" to the bottom right... in good taste.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

first time using alchemy, wes got me stuck on this, its fun XD

Face 002

Nice to see more people posting :)

I draw faces a lot. More playing with alchemy, tried the mirror tool and some other things. Still thinking of that bigger image to draw tomorrow. Might just end up doing more doodles.

Landing Fairy

Hello everyone!

So my daughter is into fairies these days and I figured I would draw one. I love drawing them anyways and I'm more of a character drawing type of person. Although I'd like to break away from that and try doing more scenery sketches and drawings.

Hopefully sketching/drawing everyday will bring back my creativity :D


Took me a while to get the composition down. Going to work some more on this later. I want to have a person swimming down to kill it! And to add more texture and lighting effects. But man it's hard to draw things fading. Blah.

Tall ship sailin'

It's windy today. I saw the lake and it had numerous whitecaps, thus inspiration hits.
Also, it seems I was motivated enough to paint this quick sketch, but too lazy to scan it, opting for the camera-phone technique

Nope to Harper

I wanted to sum up my feelings towards the current administration with the election coming up very soon. This is just the line art but when it's done it's clearly meant to invoke Fairey's Hope poster.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

person with a sword

A friend is getting me to do a couple sketches for him. This is one of them.

Should have cropped this... Oh well. Also done with alchemy, really fun to use. Gonna do a nicer drawing later this week maybe? Hm hm hm??

Keep on sketching!

Creature Sketches

I miss drawing weird dragons. Started with a Jack Rabbit Skeleton structure and then added, swallow and moth wings.

who likes generic kindergarten-level sketches??

I literally did this in 5 minutes. Sketch for the day: done.
Oh by the way, I'm Pat and the point of this blog is consistent content. If we're successful in our duty to Sketch daily, you'll see something posted here atleast once a day.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I figure I'd introduce myself. My name is West, and I am using this summer to, hopefully, improve my ability to draw.

Did this drawing in Alchemy, it's pretty fun. Check out if you want to get your hands on it.