Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comic Jam - Starring Dice and Rene

What did I learn from this? Never let Dice go hungry. She will hurt you. And she will barely try to hide it. Lucky for her I'm kind of slow and don't notice such things.


I'm really bad at drawing and sharing things that aren't meant for some kind of purpose. I'd like to do more things like sketching and posting images of musicians I like, but with my schedule the way it is, I tend not to pay attention to those kinds of short-term goals.

I'm going to continue posting images pertaining to my own developments and projects, cause I'm much more motivated to do that. You know, those so-called rubber brothers. I also want to post more development images of my own for Bijoux Red and some of the other games we're developing.

Blah, blah, blah. Hahahaha. BLAHHH.

I want to see what everybody's been up to. I will peruse.

Monday, May 30, 2011

So yea.
I went to Anime North over the past weekend and it was a blast! However, my duties to this sketchblog were put on hold while I was out cosplaying and being a camera whore.
So, to make up for that, here's a drawing I did like over a week ago.


Oh wow non alchemy! Didn't see that coming.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Colossus Design 2

Stuck on these. I always get lost on images where I don't have a final line art and just decide to color straight on the canvas. Though I love the freedom. Things get so stiff when I add line art (2nd one).

Friday, May 27, 2011


So few sketches lately :O Except from Christina who's super awesome at sketching daily.

Also missed yesterday, I blame this on fringe.


Is everyone dead? Redo of an old character design.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Just naming it after my file naming scheme. I am not creative enough to think of better names xD

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Drawing room

 a quickish sketch of an indoor environment

Grackle Finished

Boy this took a while. I hate it when I start something then half way through then I find a better way to do it and then it's hard to keep it the same consistency. Btw Game of Thrones has a great opening sequence you should check it out!

Allen Ginsberg

Quick study of beat poet, Allen Ginsberg. We were listening to a recording of Ginsberg reciting HOWL Saturday night & I wanted to give form to the disembodied voice.


my 10th face labeled drawing using alchemy. Can't stop the drawing :D

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Digital painting practice

I know what you're gonna say, and I have no valid reason for only painting/drawing zelda related stuff

Friday, May 20, 2011

the View from Mrs. Formosi's english class

just a quick sketch I did from memory of what it looked like out the window of english class in grade 11. I'll probably paint into it next

Thursday, May 19, 2011


havent been feeling too creative yesterday and today. Hopefully I'll kick that tomorrow!

100 Posts!

Atleast, that's what is says on my dashboard for some reason
Yes, West, I did base that guy on you :p

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello!  I wish I had time to post more, but I work so much :( I'll try to update as much as I can.  Anyway, we're printing new nametags at work (Zeroedge), so I made myself a new one. Done in illustrator.  I think I might add a texture over the owl, just an overlay.
Also, I'm working on caricatures of the staff members of my work for our website launch in a month of so, so once I have some good stuff from that I'll post it :)

Grackle Color2

Redid the feather's and just have to do the detail on the bottom.

what a View

work in progress

I swear I'll paint something different next time.

Ian Curtis

Quick silly doodle.

more face

Just some more face. Everything that is red pretty much just happened. The tool makes bigger random shapes the faster you move it. Sort of fun to play around with. Just doodlin :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hyrule Field

Those who know me are aware of my love of all things zelda, so don't be surprised by my latest drawing. I still need to finish a few bits but this is basically it.

I think I might want to make prints of this. anyone have a table at AN?

A "whip"...

WIP. Inspired by something I was playing. And no, you don't need eye holes in your helmet when you're badass. More to do, but it ain't getting done tonight... Settling on a proper shoulder armor took like... hours. It's weird having a scrap page of shoulder armor and only shoulder armor. I think some sci-fi stuff is in order after this fantasy-esque shit.

Also added swell man with wonderful 'moostash' because I missed some posts.

Don't Let Me Down

rough rough rough


:) Almost forgot to do a doodle for this today! Was working on some stuff for a friend, so when I thought back to weather or not I drew... yea :) Well here it is! Also, you guys rock!


If it looks like I made it out of lego, it's because I made it out of lego. Then sketched it. And here we are...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Grackle Color

I think I've finally figured out how to color without outlines though the feathers on the bird look weird. Probably will try and redo it. And I see people are being lazy XD hardly see any posts.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


It mimics a type of language we are unable to comprehend. Fun little idea I came about to doodling and I really want to use it for my personal art website and business card. Which are some of my goals for this summer to get done.


Just playing around with rendering techniques. Still need a lot of practice

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Captain Awesome

I saw thor again today, and was inspired by the costumes.
I am really loving this tablet :D

Well? Who dun it?

I had drawn a lot of other stuff... but for some reason, Mr. Buns stole my heart and I hope yours. God, I wouldn't be able to stop annoying/loving him. More to come, fucking around with Painter IX (the nine finger'd one...). Love it! But tricky. And sorry for saying fuck. Thrice.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Don't mess with a dwarf

So I've been more than a little addicted to Dwarf Fortress lately.

More alchemy. Might be busy this weekend again, looking forward to seeing all your posts in the future :D

Cintiq Ahoy!

Oh, and since blogger was down yesterday, I couldn't post this masterpiece:

Peacock Maze 2

Yeesh. This took me forever. Atm there is no end XD cause I have to see if it's even possible yet. You can try it out and tell me if there is a plausible ending exit on the other side of the peacock!


Just experimenting with Crayons cause I'm always constantly sitting with my daughter colouring in her 'colour book'. She likes drawing lines and calling them her people - mom, dad, grandma, etc.

Anyways, the crayons were lying around and I thought I'd experiment with them and practice some colour blending. I dunno - did it work? Some seedling spurting out blotchy splotches.


Looks like they clocked their servers back a bit. Maybe they had a few troubles? Hmm, well we lost some posts on here. You can repost the lost images if you want. Also everything appears to be back working now :)

Umm, reposted the pizza guy. Did another face sketch and also a quick doodle of Eric Sean Nally from Foxy Shazam. The old image of him from introducing, not from their creepy look in their recent self titled album.

cosplay sword

gaahhh, yes i have been a bit behind on drawing DAILY, however i AM working on a cosplay sword for my gf, so here are a few shots, hopefully it will be done by mid next week yay! ^.^ ive drafting up the sword from an earlier iteration and just got the wood draft started today

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Peacock Maze

This is an idea I've had for a t-shirt that I've wanted to submit to Threadless for a long time. My friend and I came up with the idea originally. Except it was just a peacock drawn in a neat style. Very unfinished back then and we had no idea how to work illustrator then XD. But now things are changed and I'm trying to redo the idea and make it even more awesome! I'm already inking it out the maze part of the peacock and omg so much detail. I love using marker for just rough ideas.


I have been a fan of Evangelion for years. Finally saw the 2nd movie-thing in the chronicle of films, and wow, love.

Anyways, Mari here was the latest addition to the cast. She was cool, fun, and awesome. Go characters with glasses! Too often they're kept to "smart" and "meek" stereotypes and I hated it. She proves the first, without falling to the second. And by smart, I think "crazy" works here too.

Oddly, out of all things, I like the "sketched text" at the bottom, I was proud of how I did it. I'll be sittin' here pattin' mah back.

Tomorrow's drawing plan: a man with a sophisticated mustache.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thelonius Monk

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMmeNsmQaFw - Hard Bop.


Started out as a robot, the chest piece looked a bit like a vest... made me want to draw pinstripe so I scrapped the bot and drew this!

Alchemy, and then I shrunk his right arm a bit in photoshop, as you can see that funny cut there, just quickly lasso tooled it.